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Worker Story: Mistie C.

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The coronavirus pandemic has left many unemployed. However, I am grateful to still have a job during these trying times, especially while I fight my own more personal battle with cancer.

Thankfully, as a shopper in the gig economy, I am able to pay my bills while selecting the days and hours that I am able to work. Some days when I’m not feeling my best, I simply choose not to shop. That’s the beauty of being a gig worker.

Recently, there’s been a push by some gig workers to strike. I find this not only selfish, but foolish as well. As gig workers, each of us signed a contract that states we are independent contractors. By striking, we not only misunderstand the terms of our contract, but we leave those who are most in need without groceries or other important services during this pandemic.

While I might be more at risk during this time, there are many members of my community who rely on the services I provide. And I am thankful for the opportunity to serve them, while also supporting myself.

Those who would rather strike should simply find another job that is up to par for them. For me, this job is more than enough.

-Mistie C.