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Why I’m a Gig Worker

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As a gig worker. I realize that in order to make this job a chance to be successful I must have a reason for doing my job. Mainly because you always must be motivated to continue the job because it is easy to stop being motivated and not make any money doing so. We call this a Why or a reason for working. I have collected a few Why testimonials so that it gives more than one reason for helping you understand reasons you can do this job.

 Let’s start with my why. When I started doing gig work it was to exercise more. I had just broken my leg in three places, and I needed to work on losing weight, so I looked at it as a gym membership that I did not have to pay for. Then I lost my job and it became my main source of income. Now I just use it to save money or for emergencies.

Caroline N. Says: “My family purchased our first house in March of 2019.  I knew with summer approaching, and have two kids in summer care, I would have to pick up a second job on the weekend to help with the cost.

A few weeks after we moved, I was shopping at our local Aldi and read a sign in the store about having groceries delivered and how the service was run by Instacart.  It was as if the sign was placed right there in front of me for a reason.  I had never heard of Instacart and decided to check it out.  I read about the perks of the job including the great pay, creating your own schedule and the flexibility that came with the gig.  I decided to put in my application and give it a whirl. 

Within a few weeks of applying and receiving my kit, I hit the ground running and was officially an Instacart shopper.   

After completing my first couple of shops, I quickly discovered how much I enjoyed my new job.  I can work part-time, create my own hours when it best fits my weekly schedule and I make enough money to cover my bills, including daycare cost.  Aside from those amazing benefits, the most rewarding part of this job is helping others and serving the community.  I’m a natural caregiver and building report with customers and taking care of their grocery shopping needs brings a sense of happiness to me. I hear so many times “thank you so much, you helped me out tremendously” and that is one of the biggest reasons I keep shopping.” 

Stacy T. Says: “When I started doing Instacart two years ago it was for extra money and more flexibility with my family. My Why didn’t change it just became more full time but still have the flexibility I need to be with my family help my daughter with school and be able to do all the “MOM” things I so missed with an actual so called “9-5” style job. I love this GIG work it is a great way to help all walks of life that otherwise would not be able to get out to shop for themselves. Sometimes it’s not all peaches and cream but NO JOB IS!!”

As you can see every job has negatives and positives. If you find a why then you can be very successful in the job. We must always have a reason for doing what we do it gives us purpose so creating a why can make you the most successful.