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Getting Your Gigs Back on Track This Fall

Now that it’s September, I’m sure many of us — myself included — are finding that our schedules are filling up once more. Maybe you’re heading back to school, or you have other work or volunteer commitments that are ramping back up now that Summer is over. Even with most… Read More

Ways to Beat the Heat While Working Your GIG

When working a gig, sometimes it’s not feasible to keep your car’s A/C running. One way I beat the heat is with a summer survival kit. Because some areas of the country are hotter than others, my kit includes bottles of water, a blanket, a first aid kit, and… Read More

What the Rest of the Country Can Learn from California’s AB5 Woes

California is home to countless independent contractors — or at least it was, before the state’s AB5 law made it almost impossible for them to operate freely. Now, the state is suing Uber and Lyft for allegedly misclassifying workers under the law. But this counterproductive lawsuit — an… Read More

Making the Gig Work

This week there’s been a crazy couple of ups and downs for our G.W.C. site. While it’s amazing to see the site’s growth, I have also seen a lot of questions come through other avenues. What is G.W.C. and why has it not been around before? How come it is… Read More

How to Keep Tips

There’s been a lot of discussion about so-called “tip baiting” on Instacart and on other platforms. I’m skeptical that this is actually a trend; the data seems to suggest it’s anecdotal at best, and my own experience suggests that tips typically only get adjusted downward when there’s a service… Read More

Worker Story: Mistie C.

The coronavirus pandemic has left many unemployed. However, I am grateful to still have a job during these trying times, especially while I fight my own more personal battle with cancer. Thankfully, as a shopper in the gig economy, I am able to pay my bills while selecting the days… Read More

Why I’m a Gig Worker

As a gig worker. I realize that in order to make this job a chance to be successful I must have a reason for doing my job. Mainly because you always must be motivated to continue the job because it is easy to stop being motivated and not… Read More
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About the Founder

Hi, this is Kristina!  I have been doing gig work for the last three years. I have been doing independent contractor and small business work for the better part of 10 years. I love helping people to understand the different aspects of small business and contract work. Enabling you to have a better understanding about the benefits of working for yourself gives me great joy. 

In 2018 I created a Facebook group for Instacart shoppers so that they could have a place to learn more about how to shop the Instacart platform. As this group grew, I have observed a need to have a central location to find things and receive help with benefits that established business owners already know about. I hope gig workers central is that place to help you find what you need or desire to know about your business. I will be using my resources to help you learn, Certified tax professional advice from Paul, and how to tips from other shoppers.